Sea Ice Concentration Downloader v1.0.0

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Sea Ice Concentration Downloader v1.0.0

What it does

This is a QGIS Plugin which allows easy download of sea ice concentration data from NSIDC (National Snow and Ice Data Centre).

It downloads daily sea ice concentration grids within a defined time range together with an optional averaged composite of all downloaded data. The data is saved in GeoTiff format, and projected.

The Plugin is currently working, but has not been subject to wide use. Therefore, there may be problems with it.

The data

The data is sourced from NSIDC. For full details on the input data, please refer to the official documentation.

The valid date range is from 1978/10/26 to 2013/12/31.


The plugin requires QGIS version 2.0 or higher. It can be installed via the Plugin Manager.

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Manage and Install Plugins...

  2. Click Settings

  3. Add the following repository:

  4. Click on New to see all newly available plugins.

  5. Install the plugin, name Sea Ice Concentration Downloader.

Using the plugin

  1. Toolbar button Locate this icon on the toolbar and click it to open the plugin. Plugin interface

  2. Select either Antarctic or Arctic, a date range and download path. Select whether you want to create an averaged composite and whether you wish to add the composite to the map canvas.

  3. Click Download

WARNING: There are no warnings for large downloads. It is likely to fail if attempting to make a composite from a large date range.

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